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Gillrugs are specialist in good quality made to measure dog coats and animal rugs.

We all know that dogs come in different shapes and sizes.  That's why to get a dog coat that really fits you need one custom made.  We take care to ensure the coat fits your dog which is why we offer a mock fitting first.  So if you're looking for a good fit, good quality, durability and comfort for your dog then you need a Gillrugs Dog Coat. 

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Combi Dog Coats

from   £21.50

Our best selling dog coat is made by combining the thermal qualities of Flectalon with a waterproof breathable outer. Flectalon we have specially made for us is sandwiched between the lining and waterproof outer material designed to cope with the heaviest wind driven rain for the life of the garment. 


Thermal Dog Coats

   from   £18.50

A lightweight breathable thermal dog coat that retains heat by reflection. In fact it reflects back 95% of escaping heat. It can be put directly on a wet shivering animal and they will start to feel warm within seconds, and remain warm even as the coat dries out since the material is breathable.


Waterproof Breathable Dog Coats

from   £15.50

A durable coat that is both waterproof yet breathable designed to cope with the heaviest wind driven rain for the life of the garment. It has a tough flexible coating to withstand rigorous use while unaffected by dirt, salt and other contaminants. Available lined or unlined.


Fleece Dog Coats

   from   £13.50

A double thick fleece coat for indoor or outdoor use. Soft and warm.

Ideal for car travel.