Thermal Dog Coats

Keep your dog warm with these unique winter dog coats.

We have two types of thermal dog coats: Flectalon or Combi.

Flectalon is thermal only.

Combi is thermal and waterproof.

Flectalon on it's own has the unique thermal qualities of Flectalon and is shower proof but will not be waterproof in rain heavier than a light shower.  If you want waterproofing as well as insulation then you will need a Combi which has a waterproof breathable outer and Flectalon on the inside.  Flectalon dog coats are lined with a smart burgundy poly cotton and the Combi is lined with a wicking material similar to denim.  See What is Flectalon for more information.

With the added benefit of a mock coat to try on your dog first you can ensure adequate cover like Roska and Ozzy have as shown in the pictures below.  You decide how much coverage you want your dog coat to cover.

Both coats come with rear leg straps but a tummy protector and reflective strips are available as optional extras. 

Flectalon Dog CoatCombi

Roska on the left is modeling a Flectalon dog coat and on the right Ozzy is wearing his Combi (Flectalon/Waterproof Breathable Combined) dog coat.


Regarding harnesses:

We have frequently been asked to put a hole in coats for harnesses. Unfortunately because of the way our coats are made we are unable to do this. However we have many times in the past put a D Ring on the back instead since our coats are sewn shut at the front and slip over the head. If you would like a D Ring put on please note it in the comments box when ordering.